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While staying at Itacoatiara Inn you will be offered many options to enjoy your stay.


One to 4 day tours available by bus and/ or vans

  • Theater in Niterói and Rio;
  • Shows (Brazilian and Int’l stars) - musicals and dance spots;
  • Famous places;
  • Mountain cities (80 miles distant) for arts and crafts;
  • Local shopping directly from manufacturers;
  • Imperial Museum of Petrópolis with night show, old horse carriages to ride on - The Crystal Palace - Santos Dumont’s House;
  • Cultural events;
  • Brazilian and Int’l exhibits

Same bus/ van picks you up and brings you back to your door:

In Niterói

Visit the magnificent "MAC" (Museum of Contemporary Arts), designed by worldwide renowned, 90-year-old architect Oscar Niemeyer, designer of Brasilia, Brazil’s 40-year-old Capital. Get to know the “Niemeyer Way” in downtown Niterói, a series of imposing structures along the waterfront, which are currently under construction (the “MAC” is the first building).

Recently opened to the public is the restored XVI Century Portuguese military fortress located at the entrance of Guanabara Bay, with unique views of the world famous Sugar Loaf and portions of Rio de Janeiro city.

Others destination available upon request!


  • Surfing;
  • Wind Surfing;
  • Biking;
  • Horse Riding;
  • Soccer;
  • Tennis;
  • Hiking;
  • Fitness;
  • Swimming;

Shopping Center

5 minutes away

  • Ladies’ and Men’s Clothes;
  • Mc Donald’s;
  • Snack Bars;
  • Chocolate shops;
  • Supermarkets;
  • Stationary;
  • and many others.


A choice of cozy popular familiar spots where you’ll find:

  • Typical seafood;
  • Brazilian “feijoada”;
  • Steak houses;
  • Japanese food;
  • Buffets
  • Italian pizzerias and restaurants (most of them with delivery service to your door)
  • Twenty minutes away, in San Francisco Beach is O Porcão, an excellent restaurant that serves a magnificent and legitimate southern-style barbecue and offers assorted seafood and salads (also in cold and hot self-service). With a piano bar, splendid dessert choice and fine Int’l wine, etc.
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