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The Owners

Nelson Maia

Nelson Orlando was born in Niterói, RJ, Brazil. Nelson grew up near Itacoatiara Beach. During his life Nelson has spent a great deal of time overseas. He has visited many countries and has lived in Berlin, Germany; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Monterey, California, always working in the hotel and food business. Nelson returned to Brazil, and with his wife Roberta opened the Itacoatiara Cama e Café within blocks of the sands of Itacoatiara Beach State Park.


Roberta has experienced successfully owning and operating a well-known, fine-linen shop in Niterói and has a degree in business administration and marketing from FGV. She contributed greatly to the development and design of the Itacoatiara Cama e Café.

The couple offers personable service, warm hospitality, and expert recreational referrals to their guests. You are invited to experience the privacy and relaxation of warm and tropical Itacoatiara Beach.

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